Agility & Power Supply.

Agility Drills:

  • ladder (lateral)
  • ladder (linear)
  • dots

3 cycles of 4 rounds, 1 minute rest in between

  • 5 back squats (40#)
  • 5 push presses (40#)
  • 5 box jumps (20″)

Time: 18:00

I kinda like the agility stuff, haven’t done it before and was nice to do something new. I was also last to finish the met-con … don’t know why, I wasn’t struggling with a specific thing, except maybe push press … I guess I’m just slow?

Power Supply is also coming to Highbar, they delivered the fridge for it during class — I’m thinking of signing up for lunch & dinner 3 days a week to try it, and then do more if I can. Seems a little bit more expensive than my weekly trips to the grocery store, but not worrying about what I’ll eat each day is nice (plus it’s all healthy, and a lot more varied).

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