So tired.

The Real Food Wellness Challenge has been going well food-wise … though I realized just how true the Whole Foods = whole paycheck phrase is. I’m still in the no energy stage and need to do more active recovery movements on my days off, so I’m considering signing up for a month of yoga (’cause if I stay home I’ll just fall back asleep lol).

Anyway, due to the challenge and issues with that time of the month, today’s WOD kinda sucked:

clean 1×4 (55#)
clean 2×2 (60#)
clean 3×1 (70#)

AMRAP in 12 minutes

  • 3 front squat lunges per leg (#45)
  • 5 push presses (#45)
  • 7 front squats (#45)
  • 10 slam balls (25#)

Rounds: 3 (I think) + 3 lunges + 4 push presses

My shoulders always get so tired during this type of workout, I kept having to put the bar down and rest.

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