So I was originally going to make these private, but then decided I didn’t really have a reason to … it’s just food. Also linked some things in case people are curious:

Pre-WOD (5:40 am)

Post-WOD (7:30 am)
1 scoop SFH Recovery w/ coconut milk

Breakfast (10:30 am)
Lara Bar
coffee with Nutpods

Snack (1:05 pm)
trail mix

Lunch (2:35 pm)
Power Supply

Snack (6:30 pm)
chai tea w/ honey
Belvita biscuits

Dinner (9 pm)
brown rice, veggies, chicken sausage w/ stir fry sauce
chocolate-covered cranberries

Notes: Felt sleepy while driving to & from work, but felt okay during the day. Was more conscious about drinking water since sometimes I don’t feel thirsty and forget, but then I had to pee like every hour.

Water: 90ish oz. | Workout: CrossFit

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