Breakfast (11:10 am)
yogurt w/ banana

Lunch (12:30 pm)
hot dog
corn on the cob
potato salad

Snack (2 pm)
coffee with Nutpods

Snack (4:45 pm)
Lara Bar

Snack (6 pm)

Snack (7:30 pm)
dried apples w/ almonds

Dinner (9:40 pm)
cucumbers with hummus
Talenti pop

Notes: Slept in again today, which felt awesome after a late night. Sooo many snacks lol, but I tend to do that when I’m at work late. Tomorrow is the start of vacation! I also already planned the new activity I’m going to try (was actually planned before I knew about the challenge lol) … going on a Segway tour of San Juan 🙂

Water: 80ish oz. | Workout: rest day

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