GGWBYC Day 12.

Pre-WOD (8:40 am)

Post-WOD (10:15 am)
1 scoop SFH Recovery w/ coconut milk

Breakfast (12:25 pm)
Lara Bar
coffee w/ Nutpods

Snack (2:30 pm)

Lunch (3:30 pm)
salad from Sweetgreen

Snack (6:35 pm)
chai tea w/ honey
animal crackers

Dinner (10:30 pm)
rest of salad from lunch
Talenti pop

Notes: Finally made it to CrossFit this morning, but was so close to sleeping in. And Keith randomly decided to drive here for the weekend since he has Monday off, so yay!

Water: 70ish oz. | Workout: CrossFit

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