GGWBYC Day 15.

Breakfast (10 am)
Honey Nut Cheerios w/ bananas & coconut milk

Snack (12:30 pm)
coffee w/ Nutpods

Snack (1:20 pm)
Lara Bar
jalapeno cashews

Lunch (3:30 pm)
“healthy” ramen noodles w/ veggies, sausage, stir fry sauce

Snack (5 pm)

Snack (7 pm)
trail mix
chai tea

Dinner (9:15 pm)
pad thai w/ veggies

Notes: What I’m looking forward to this week: Hanson & Owl City on the Today show tomorrow (though I doubt I’ll watch it live), Amazon Prime/Pluto Day on Wednesday, and then MythBusters on Saturday. Don’t know why there’s suddenly so much to watch on TV … but I’ve had a busy couple weeks!

Water: 70ish oz. | Workout: rest day

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