GGWBYC Day 19.

Pre-WOD (5:45 am)

Post-WOD (7:30 am)
1 scoop SFH Recovery w/ coconut milk

Breakfast (10:30 am)
greek yogurt w/ chia seeds
coffee w/ Nutpods

Snack (1:30 pm)

Lunch (4 pm)
Power Supply
caramel rice cake w/ almond butter

Snack (7 pm)
chai tea

Dinner (10:45 pm)
mac & cheese w/ spinach
Magnum bar

Notes: Long day, but went shopping in an actual store after work (Macy’s — I had a gift card) instead of online like I usually do. I didn’t get anything ’cause they were out of my size, but will probably order online now that I know how things fit!

Water: 70ish oz. | Workout: CrossFit

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