GGWBYC Day 21.

Breakfast (10:30 am)
egg & cheese sandwich
coffee w/ Nutpods
greek yogurt w/ chia seeds

Lunch (3:15 pm)
ham & arugula pizza
carrots w/ hummus

Snack (6:30 pm)
party mix

Dinner (8:30 pm)
sweet potato w/ butter
pasta w/ tomato sauce

Notes: Last day of the challenge! What I gained the most was being more mindful of what I was eating, but not worrying about calories or feeling guilty about choices (especially since my birthday & vacation were included). I also liked the daily mini-challenges. While I didn’t do all of them, and some I had to make up on other days, it was nice to have something small to think about that wasn’t part of my routine. And my “big new activity” that I did — taking a Segway tour — is definitely on my list to do again!

Water: 70ish oz. | Workout: rest day

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  1. Hi Claire – thank you so much for trying nutpods! We hope you like it and we really appreciate your support. If you have any fun photos of yourself with your nutpods coffee, please send to We’d be happy to share your photos with our fans.

    Take care and have a great weekend,
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