2 months later.

House is sold, apartment is found and awesome, Dad’s house is sold, and Keith visited … things are finally looking up and getting better 🙂 Work is fine and I’m still doing CrossFit — the main gym opened in May, which is a little closer. I’ve also decided to start posting my workouts here to keep track. Here’s today’s:

back squat 5×5 (75#)

4 rounds of

  • 200 meter run
  • 10 burpees
  • 75 jump ropes

Time: 13:56

Oh yeah, and I’ve tried a lot more yummy recipes:

Doing all of the things.

Don’t feel like writing a long post tonight, and things are still busy. But I’ve now had 3 CrossFit classes and still really like it, despite different muscle groups being sore after each time — today it’s my hamstrings and shoulders (I learned how to do kettlebell swings yesterday). The weird part is that during the day of each class, I can’t wait ’til the next one … and then the next morning when the soreness sets in, I’m like okay, need a rest day or two. I also haven’t been able to do a full push-up since Saturday … my upper body must be like WTF, but I will eventually! I’m thinking about attempting a run tomorrow morning since my next class isn’t ’til Monday, but we’ll see. No point in running if it’s painful the whole time.

In house news, the first day on the market was Tuesday and today — Friday — we got our first offer! Granted, it was lower than we wanted, but we are countering and may even have a second one coming, so we’ll see. I know I say that a lot, but hey, it’s true lol. Maybe after next week things will be more squared away. I’m also touring an apartment complex tomorrow morning, so definitely looking forward to that. The online pictures looked good (slightly more upscale than my last one), and I drove around the outside of it today on a whim and it looked promising.

New floors, new mileage!

Hope everyone is having a happy Easter! This week had lots of stuff going on, and today is my first lazy day in awhile — slept in (though my body decided to wake up at 7:30 am), finished cleaning/putting things away after the floor guys, and ran a couple errands.

Yesterday I went on my longest outdoor run ever (yay!). My quads and ankles are definitely sore today, but couldn’t resist when it was the first sunny, 60-degree Saturday of the year … plus I saw horses, both in the field and next to me on the trail 🙂

For dinner I made another Carrots ‘N’ Cake recipe, One Pot Meal: Cheesy Couscous with Chicken & Spinach. It was good, but I think something was up with my garlic powder ’cause I had to add salt to take away the bitter taste. Making couscous is surprisingly easy, though … was my first time doing so.

Thursday and Friday, however, were filled with not cooking. With putting the house on the market at the end of April, I needed to replace both the kitchen tile and all of the carpet. While it was slightly annoying to have no kitchen access for 2 days, the end result was amazing and way overdue:

Kitchen Tile: Before
Kitchen Tile: After

Makes me wish I could stay, but alas. Just have to find an equally amazing apartment!