Owwwww (aka first CrossFit class).

Lately I’ve been getting bored with the gym … the treadmill is fine but I definitely prefer the W&OD trail. The weight machines are fine but it’s annoying when multiple people are using them (especially if there’s a Zumba class going on with the door open). So after hearing about CrossFit for about a year and everybody saying how awesome it was, I decided to try it!

Apparently Ashburn has 2 boxes, CrossFit Impavidus and Highbar CrossFit, but Highbar is newer and still in the process of finalizing their lease, which I figured would fit better with me as a new person. So last week I contacted them about a free intro class, and yesterday met up with Randy, one of the owners (and another JMU grad :)). All the equipment was a little intimidating, but since I’d never used any of it before we focused on body weight exercises (squats, push-ups, ring rows, sit-ups, and running). My legs were fine the whole time, but OMG my arms lol. I thought I had at least a little strength built up from doing the weight machines at the gym, but no. I couldn’t even do a whole push-up (touching my chest to the ground) without switching to my knees on the way up. Side note: my knees now have bruises from doing that without padding. By the time we got to the timed part, I was scheduled for 3 sets of:

  • 20 squats
  • 15 ring rows
  • 10 push-ups
  • 15 sit-ups
  • 200 meter run (1/8 mile)

Did I do 3 sets? No haha. My arms were so exhausted from push-ups that Randy shortened it to 2 sets, which I eventually completed (with rest breaks) in 17:30. But for some reason I enjoyed the whole thing and signed up for 2 sessions a week for the rest of April. Even though my arms are super sore right now, I’m not dreading going back tomorrow morning … maybe we’ll do more leg exercises or something? I don’t know, but even if I am crazy, I left in a really good mood and looking forward to the next one.

New floors, new mileage!

Hope everyone is having a happy Easter! This week had lots of stuff going on, and today is my first lazy day in awhile — slept in (though my body decided to wake up at 7:30 am), finished cleaning/putting things away after the floor guys, and ran a couple errands.

Yesterday I went on my longest outdoor run ever (yay!). My quads and ankles are definitely sore today, but couldn’t resist when it was the first sunny, 60-degree Saturday of the year … plus I saw horses, both in the field and next to me on the trail 🙂

For dinner I made another Carrots ‘N’ Cake recipe, One Pot Meal: Cheesy Couscous with Chicken & Spinach. It was good, but I think something was up with my garlic powder ’cause I had to add salt to take away the bitter taste. Making couscous is surprisingly easy, though … was my first time doing so.

Thursday and Friday, however, were filled with not cooking. With putting the house on the market at the end of April, I needed to replace both the kitchen tile and all of the carpet. While it was slightly annoying to have no kitchen access for 2 days, the end result was amazing and way overdue:

Kitchen Tile: Before
Kitchen Tile: After

Makes me wish I could stay, but alas. Just have to find an equally amazing apartment!